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その後、カリフォルニア芸術大学 California College of the Arts で彫刻とガラスアートを学びましたが、

『 不完全の美を自らの内で完全にできる者のみが真の美を見出せる 』

禅の思想から生まれ、侍の文化と共に発展した 砂利と石だけで滝や大海、宇宙観を表す「枯山水」庭園。



 (*1) 金継 きんつぎ

I would like to relate my understanding of “ The Energy of Life " to you.

My first encounter with glass works was at a glass studio I walked in by chance while traveling.

The glass was moving around as if the Earth Energy was woken up.
As it was a life-form glowing lights with freely changing shapes and forms.
I was stunned to see the glass works.

I could not resist myself . I needed to express the Energy of Life and it’s Lively Action of the Energy in glass works so next day I ran into a glass factory in Tokyo.

Later, I entered the California College of the Arts and studied sculpture and glass art
but I had to come to a time to consciously and strongly think of my true identity which I did not have while living in Japan.

Therefore, I wanted to create and express my works with Japanese sensitivity and not the copies of the Europe nor the West.

The famous explanation of beauty explained by Mr. Kakuzo Okakura who wrote The Book of Tea. He stated, “True beauty could be discovered only by one who mentally completes the incomplete.”

Japanese has an ability to create none existent to resurrect beauty from imperfection.
“Worthless into Valuable”

One Japanese dared to create loving scenery from a cracked tea bowl with the use of gold, called “Kin Tsugi” (*2) or golden connection.
The ideas created by Zen and later developed by the Samurais were to create gardens by the use of sands and gravels to express the waterfalls and the large oceans. They also create the universe within the garden called “Kare Sansui”, dry landscape garden.

With my understanding of Japanese mentality and spirituality I ‘m seeking for beauty in glass art, breaking away from old stereo typed believes and thinking.
I’ll keep on challenging to give more excitement to modern day art lovers.

I will continue seeking to create my glass art that gives space and glowing light which will brighten and vibrate peoples mind and soul.

It will give me the greatest pleasure if I can share this excitement and new beauty with you all.


KINTSUGI is a restoration technique for broken ceramics.
Pieces are glued together with URUSHI lacquer, and gold dust is put into the crack trace to emphasize in order to enjoy the new charm that was added.
This is not just a restoration, but also decoration based on the Japanese traditional sense of beauty = “Beauty in Imperfection”.