◆ ◆ ◆ WORLD MEDIA FESTIVALS 金賞受賞 ◆ ◆ ◆

ドイツ ハンブルグで開催された 2020 The World Media Festivals において、ガラス枯山水「つながる」のコンセプト映像が金賞を受賞いたしました。

ガラス枯山水「つながる」は、2019年5月、西中千人が京都 法然院に恒久設置した40mのアート空間。


World Media Festivals は、2000年にドイツ ハンブルグで設立された企業映像や教育番組を対象とした映像コミュニケーションメディアの国際コンペティションで、この分野において世界をリードするイベントです。
今回、32カ国、795の応募の中から、Television & Corporate Media Awards / Public Relations / Arts 部門最高賞の金賞を受賞いたしました。

→ ETERNAL AFFINITY ガラス枯山水「つながる」京都 法然院

◆ 映像制作: → team TANIYON

At 2020 The World Media Festivals in Hamburg, Germany,
 the concept movie of 'ETERNAL AFFINITY' won the Gold Award.
'Eternal Affinity' is an art space permanently set up in Honen-in, Kyoto by NISHINAKA in May 2019.
It is a modern version of Karesansui Garden, where objects made from recycled glass bottles collected, sorted, washed and remelted are placed for 40m along the approach to the thatched mountain gate.

The concept of the space "The intercorrelated relationship between one’s own existence and the complex universe" is conveyed in films without using words.
We are very pleased that the art space based on the Japanese culture which suggests a sustainable society by using recycled glass has been highly evaluated in Europe.

World Media Festivals is an international competition of video communication media for corporate films and educational programs established in Hamburg, Germany in 2000, and is a world-leading event in this field.
From 795 entries from 32 countries, we received the highest Gold Award in the category, Television & Corporate Media Awards / Public Relations / Arts.